Pregnancy: The Advice Of Our Head Midwife 

A few months ago the idea of ​​spending the pregnancy at home was considered a luxury for a few. Today, it seems almost punitive. In reality, the time available allows new mothers to dedicate themselves to breastfeeding, for example, and to their baby, without haste, without being in a hurry. The same goes for the pregnant woman, who has plenty of time to:

Take care of your diet, also for the future : finally eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day, pay attention to what you put on your plate and draw inspiration from it to follow a healthy diet even after childbirth. This will help prepare good lunches when weaning babies after the sixth month.

learn to cook : experiment with healthy recipes, and (for those who find organic flour and different cereals and yeast perhaps sourdough), also prepare homemade bread, biscuits, forget ready meals and use seasonal vegetables

Cooking for health in pregnancy : for example, at this time of year, some vegetables and herbs can help with iron intake in the diet. Artichokes are rich in iron, fresh spinach, but also parsley and marjoram used to enrich and improve the amount of iron in foods that are poorer; eat fresh fish rich in omega3

Learn to reduce salt (and added sugars) : often, towards the end, pregnant women tend to swell a little, eat little salt which is generally found added to packaged foods. Having the time to cook and learn how to cook in a healthy way also means reducing the amount of salt, reducing the amount of sugars present in packaged foods. This reduces water retention a little, which is still quite common towards the end, regardless of the season.

Simple and home exercises : for example, turning off the TV, and therefore reducing some of the emotional tension that comes from the news about the coronavirus, and making the music go to the notes of which to dance, or use the ball like that of the gyms, and swing. Create a moment only for yourself, where you can release tension and let yourself go, which is what you normally do towards the end of your pregnancy

Slow down and enjoy the “bubble” of pregnancy : although it is certain that this health emergency brings with it great concerns, before this emergency it was difficult to slow down because always rushing to work until the last day, today there is no lack of time to live this intimate moment between oneself and oneself, between oneself and the child that will be born

Enjoy the couple and the baby who is about to be born: women have more or less complained of feeling alone, but right now there is no shortage of time to devote themselves to the couple and their child. As numerous studies have shown, parental sounds, i.e. the voices of father and mother, heard by the baby during pregnancy, remain imprinted on the fetus just like fingerprints. During the day, mum and dad should never fail to talk to the fetus, that is, devote time to the parental sounds that care for, shape and support the fetus inside the womb, stimulating it to grow, to take an interest in the world, feel it is present. and physically important to his parents. In fact, the fetus is not deaf and is not in a soundless condition. So parents who sing, talk, tell, tell stories to their child, they interact and create that substantially emotional bond with their baby that will help the mother and baby after delivery. In fact, mothers who have created such a great relationship during pregnancy have significant advantages in caring for the newborn.